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Getting Started with Drools Workbench and Execution Server

Nowadays with version 7.5.0.Final as its latest release, getting started with Drools Workbench and Drools Execution Server is easier than any time in its history.

Drools Workbench is the authoring and management user interface that Drools provides. This allows to create Drools projects, author rules, processes, models, etc, manage and deploy servers, etc.

Drools Execution server are servers that can have rules deployed, and being feed and executed from other applications.

How to install them?

Both applications have showcase images in docker, so, getting them is just a matter of pulling the images:

docker pull jboss/drools-workbench-showcase

docker pull jboss/kie-server-showcase

Once this is done, latest version of both are pulled.

To run them, first, you need to start the workbench:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 8001:8001 -d –name drools-workbench jboss/drools-workbench-showcase:latest

and then, run one instance of the execution server, pointing to the drools workbench image:

docker run -p 8180:8080 -d –name kie-server –link drools-workbench:kie_wb jboss/kie-server-showcase:latest

And, that’s it!

Workbench will be running in the following link:


And log in with user admin/admin

Screenshot from 2017-12-24 21-09-02.png

And the execution server, here:


With credentials kieserver/kieserver1!

For more information about these docker images, you can check the following links:

Next time, we will explain, how to get started on using drools workbench to do authoring, and then deploying and running it in the execution server.

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